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Below are the most up-to-date resources we have regarding Covid 19 and our Sage Community: Pandemic Learning Plan Updated January 2022.  Click the following to view the Sage Safe Return to In-Person Checklist.pdf and Sage International_Plan for Use of Funds

UPDATED ILLNESS GUIDANCE Effective Mon. 1/31/22:

  • Notify Sage of all Covid-19 Positive or Probable Cases-

    • Email [email protected] and [email protected] 

    • Provide your student’s full name, grade, date symptoms started or if no symptoms provide the date the Covid-19 test was done and let us know the date your child’s 5-day quarantine will end. Attendance staff will excuse 5 absences for Covid-19 quarantines. Addl’ days may be excused if symptoms linger but you must notify us.

    • If your student is positive or probable for Covid-19 follow the Quarantine Guidance for Covid-19 Positive and Probable Cases provided below. 

  • Quarantine Guidance for Covid-19 Positive and Probable Cases-

    • Quarantine for 5-days from symptom development or in the absence of symptoms, quarantine 5-days from the Covid-19 test date (the day testing was done, not the day test results were received).

    • In addition to quarantining for 5-days, positive or probable students must be symptom free prior to returning to campus. If symptoms linger, students should remain in quarantine until symptoms are resolved or are very mild and well-controlled. If your student will not return after day 5 of their quarantine period, please email [email protected] and [email protected] each day beyond the 5-day quarantine period so their attendance is correctly marked. 

    • Students returning from quarantine are expected to continue wearing a mask in all public settings including school and distancing from others whenever unmasked for an addl’ 5-days after at-home quarantine ends.

    • Sage will not require testing to return to school. As long as the  5-day quarantine period has been completed and the student has no symptoms they may return. If symptoms linger students must stay out until symptom free.

      • Probable cases are those where an individual was exposed to a positive person and developed concerning symptoms but did not test. In this situation they are treated the same as a positive case and should complete a 5-day quarantine and be symptom free for 24hrs prior to returning to campus.

  • Covid-19 Exposures-

    • Those who have been exposed may attend school as long as they have no symptoms.

    • If symptoms develop after an exposure, the exposed individual will be considered probable and must follow the guidance for Positive and Probable Covid-19 cases (see above) and complete a 5-day quarantine.

    • You only need to notify the Sage Health Team about exposures if symptoms develop after exposure to a positive Covid-19 case. If symptoms develop follow guidance provided above for Covid-19 Positive and Probable Cases.

    • Sage will continue to track and respond to positive or probable cases, but will no longer monitor asymptomatic exposures

    • If families prefer to quarantine after an exposure due to an inability to isolate, high risk of potential on-going exposure due to multiple affected family members or for other concerns, please email [email protected] and we will work with you on a case-by-case basis.

  • Additional Safety Protocols On Sage Campus-

    • Universal masking recommended indoors and on busses:

      • The only exception is during lunch/snack times

      • The shortened 5-day quarantines require an additional 5 days of masking and distancing in public.  As a school it is very challenging to closely monitor the volume of students returning from quarantines, exposures and illnesses. Therefore, universal masking helps keep everyone safe. 

    • Do not send students to school if they have any symptoms of illness:

      • If your student has not had a known exposure to Covid-19 and the CDC Covid-19 Self Checker does not recommend testing, they must be symptom free, or symptoms must be VERY mild and well-controlled before they return to school. We do not assume everyone has COVID-19 and realize there are other viruses circulating, however, we must keep our staff healthy to remain open for in-person learning. Therefore, if students have symptoms they should remain at home. Sage will send any students who arrive with symptoms home so please conduct daily health screenings and keep students home if they have symptoms. 

  • Recommended At-Home Precautions:

    • Conduct daily health checks with your students and if they have any symptoms keep them home until symptom free for 24hrs. 

    • Send your student(s) with high quality, well-fitting masks. Disposable 3-ply surgical masks or KN-95 masks are the most effective against the Omicron variant. Sage does have surgical masks available for students if needed.

    • Wear masks in public. The Omicron variant is highly transmissible and by protecting yourself from infection you may avoid becoming infected and needing to quarantine.

    • Get vaccinated and get your booster when it’s due to minimize the chances of severe illness or worse.

    • If you have a positive case in your household, isolation from the positive case to prevent on-going exposure to others in the home is recommended. On-going exposure often results in extended quarantine periods because individuals are repeatedly exposed and often develop symptoms on varying timelines. 

      • Isolation means separate sleeping spaces, separate bathrooms or disinfecting the bathroom between uses, masking and distancing when in shared spaces.


For additional information and background the following documents have been used to inform Sage’s Covid-19 management plans effective Mon. 1.31.2022.

Central District Health:
K-12 School Isolation & Quarantine Guidance

Determining a Probable Case
Guidance on Contract Tracing for Schools

CDC guidelines for Schools

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