Your Gift Helps Sage International ‘Mind the Gap’

Mind The Gap

Mind the GAP (MTG) is Sage International's annual giving campaign. Your gift helps Sage bridge the gap between the state funding we receive and the cost of providing our 1,000 students a dynamic, world-class IB Education. Our MTG goal for this year is $146,000. Scroll down to lean about avaialble tax breaks when donating to Sage.

33% of Your MTG Gift Helps Fund a Teacher

Teachers, teachers, teachers! Each year, Sage employs more teachers than the state funds in order to deliver our IB curriculum.  33% of each MTG gift will go toward this Sustaining Gift and will help bridge our 'teacher gap'.  $54,000 fully funds one teacher (salary and benefits). What a great way to say 'thank you' to our amazing educators!

66% of Your MTG Gift - You Choose 

After making your MTG gift, you can direct 66% toward the gap of your choice by emailing and indicating the gift amount and your GAP choice from the list below. To pledge a later gift, email and indicate the pledge amount and your GAP choice from the list below. If a gift is made without sending an email to, 100% of the gift will go toward Fund-a-Teacher. 

Please direct my gift toward:

 Fund a Teacher = $54,000

Middle / High School Technology GAP = $26,400. Add 90 student computers to create 1-to-1 (student-to-device) classrooms and smaller Student Computer Stations.

Build-a-Classroom GAP = $26,300. Outfit our new Chemistry Lab (glassware, equipment, chemicals) and K-12 Library/Multi-Media Center (books, computers, shelving, more books!).

School-Wide GAP = $15,500. Outfit the new Nurse's Station - $4,000. Playground Gear - $4,000. Annual lease cost for new (reliable) PE and field trip bus - $7,500.

Elementary Technology GAP = $24,000. Install a Student Computer Station with 6 computers in each K-5 classroom - 20 classrooms.


Sage International is a non-profit entity.  Donations to Sage are tax deductible. Sage also falls under Idaho's generous 'Education Tax Credit' entitling donors to a credit equalling 50% of their donation (see tables below).  Stretch your MTG support by taking full advantage of these tax incentives.