A Word of Thanks and a Mind the Gap Announcement

December, Tue 23, 2014 - Sage International

Thank you!

We would like to express our gratitude for your role in making our community successful.  Without your decision to participate in Sage – and everything that entails – we simply would not exist.  We are constantly reminded how much the small things matter and while they may go by unremarkably, they do not go by unnoticed. 

  • Thank you for volunteering during the school day and thank you to the many parents who are willing to be “on call” when we need you.
  • Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts, ideas and questions  - It is the best way for us to know how we, as a community, are doing.
  • Thank you for letting your teachers know you appreciate them.   Your small kindness in a busy day can be revitalizing.
  • Thank you, teachers, for working tirelessly – and seemingly endlessly.   Your work ethic is continuingly inspiring.

And, Finally… Thank you for letting us teach your kids. Each one of your students is a fascinating individual and it is our privilege to play a part in their education. 

Mind the Gap - $6000 Matching Pledge & Participation Challenge!

Our Board of Directors has (generously) pledged up to $6000 in matching funds for any donations made between now and December 31st – provided we reach an additional 10% family participation as well!  We are currently at 13%, so that means hitting 23% by midnight on the 31st.  That is an additional 55 families in 9 days – completely doable!  If you are inclined, this is a good opportunity to double the amount of your support!  You can mail in a pledge/payment or donate online.

MTG Reminders:

  • We request an amount of $475 per student with the understanding that not everyone is able to contribute at that level and some will be able to contribute more.  If you choose to participate, please designate an amount that works with your family’s budget.  All levels of generosity are appreciated!
  • MTG donations are tax deductible and entitled to Idaho's generous education tax credit.  A family's $950 donation (two students) may have an out-of-pocket cost of only $164 once federal and state deductions/credits are applied.  Please consult an accountant to verify how these benefits might apply to you.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


January 5th– Back to School!

January 7th– Online Lottery registration opens

January 9th – Online IB Pre-K Survey closes

January 10th – 2015-2016 Commitment Letters & Sibling Lottery Registration Forms distributed

January 20th, 21st  & 22nd – Lottery Open houses for MS, HS & Elementary (one per night)