What is Mind the Gap

April, Fri 10, 2015 - Sage International

We have a fun new video out that explains what the Gap is, why this is important, and what you can do to help.

Mind the Gap (MTG) is Sage International School’s annual direct-ask fundraising campaign in which we ask our community to contribute $475 per student to help bridge the gap between the per student funding provided by the State of Idaho/federal government and the cost of educating an IB student at Sage. Literally your MTG support helps to keep a ‘roof over our heads’.  We don’t ask you to sell cookie-dough, buy auction items, or host bake sales.  Instead we request that all Sage families Mind the Gap at a level that is meaningful to them.

Why is Mind the Gap Important?

As a publicly funded charter school, Sage International garners only a portion of the state funding that traditional public schools receive.  This year Sage will generate only 30% of local (property tax) funding and 0% of levy election funding.  At traditional public schools, property tax funding largely covers all facilities-related expenses in addition to providing a third or more of a District’s revenue.  Further, traditional school districts can use ‘levy elections’ to raise additional funds when necessary to make ends meet.  These important sources of funding are either extremely limited (property tax) or not available (levies) to Sage.