Sage Preschool Update

February, Thu 19, 2015 - Sage International

From the Board of Directors

We would first like to thank each staff member and Sage family that completed the Pre-K survey - we received over 400 survey responses and gathered a great deal of important information and community input as we analyzed whether (and when) to launch an IB Pre-K Program at Sage International. 

Here is a quick summary of the survey results:

  • 25% of respondents have a younger child (not yet at Sage) that would be eligible to attend a Pre-K Program at Sage.
  • Of those families with an eligible younger child, 87% would be interested in attending an IB Pre-K Program at Sage (over 100 students).
  • Interested families prefer an all-day, 4-day per-week Pre-K option that matches Sage’s elementary schedule.

Top Survey Comments:

  • We are very excited about the proposed IB Pre-K Program, thank you for considering it.
  • Cost will be a key consideration when deciding whether to attend a Pre-K Program at Sage International.
  • Families are registering now for next year, seems like trying to launch the Program for next school year would be too rushed and too late.
  • We would like to see the daily schedule and curriculum before committing to register.
  • The school already has a lot of growth to manage in the short term, launching in August 2016 may over-stress staff capacity.

Based on this information, and other considerations, the Board and Administration made two key findings:

  1. There is significant demand within the Sage International community for an IB Pre-K Program.  Establishing a competitively priced, IB Pre-K Program at Sage International will improve our educational offerings while providing a valued service to our community and we are committed to continuing down this path at Sage.
  2. The prudent approach is to work toward launching the IB Pre-K Program in August 2016 (year after next), rather than August 2015 (next year) for a variety of reasons.  As previously mentioned, most area Pre-K programs are enrolling for Fall 2015 now.  In contrast, Sage International has a great deal of work to do before enrolling students in a Pre-K program (preparing a board-approved budget, developing Pre-K policies and procedures, hiring and training staff, preparing schedule/curriculum for parents to review as they make registration decisions, developing communications and marketing materials, etc.).  Our Board and Administration believe the best way to ensure the long-term success of a Sage International IB Pre-K Program is to use the next year for planning and preparation in order to enroll Pre-K students in conjunction with next year’s lottery. We do not want to create and launch the IB Pre-K Program under a severe time crunch.

To conclude, our community let us know that they are as excited as we are about creating a Pre-K IB Program for our (future) IB learners; our Board and Administration will diligently continue down this path.  While it is difficult to ‘tap the brakes’ when a new, exciting opportunity presents itself, we hope our Sage International community understands and appreciates our decision to target an August 2016 start date. We will continue to provide updates and information regarding development of this Program as it becomes available.

Thank you!