Parkcenter Campus Schedule Change - Effective October 6th

September, Tue 09, 2014 - Sage International

PARKCENTER CAMPUS SCHEDULE (Changes pending Board approval on 9/15)

It seems we continue to learn new things every day!  After three weeks of running our new Parkcenter campus, it has become clear to us that a few changes in the schedule are in order.  With the addition of busing and the mobilization of an increased student body at dismissal, we are finding that for some students and staff the “work” day is 10+ hours long.  In order to offset this we are recommending adjusting both the Elementary and 6th/7th grade schedules by 30 minutes each as follows – effective October 6th:

  • Elementary (K-5) 8am – 3:30pm
  • Middle School (6 – 7) 8:20am – 3:50pm

While these changes are still pending, we wanted to give you as much of a head's up as possible in order to prepare.

Things to Know:

  • This change will be effective October 6th.
  • Home/School bus routes will leave Sage 30 minutes earlier and arrive at their destinations 30 minutes earlier (updated schedules will be provided).
  • The Parkcenter/downtown shuttle will leave Parkcenter at 4pm and arrive downtown by 4:15pm (instead of 4:35pm).
  • Although the times have changed, pick-up procedures at Parkcenter remain the same. 
  • These changes DO NOT affect the Downtown campus (8th – 11th).

Parkcenter Pick-up Clarification:

  • Elementary families should arrive at 3:30pm – effective October 6th
  • 6th/7th families should arrive at 3:50pm – effective October 6th
  • Families with Elementary & 6th/7th students should arrive at 3:45pm – effective October 6th
  • When traveling from the North (away from downtown), please use the Mallard St. entrance to join the line.
  • When traveling from the South (towards downtown), if there is no traffic back-up, please use the Mallard St. entrance (turn at the light).
  • When traveling from the South (towards downtown), if traffic is backed up on Mallard, please use the turn-in prior to the signal to join the line.

Thank you to everyone who is making the effort to stay calm, put those cell phones down and move forward as directed.  It has been extremely helpful!  By the end of next month we will look back on this and laugh (at least smile wryly, right?)



Additionally after three weeks, our Home/School bussing ridership has settled in and we've discovered that not many of you are interested in riding Route #75.   Because of this (effective October 6th) we will be dropping down to three bus routes (#76, #77, #78). However, we will be adding stops to the remaining routes to help accommodate our current #75 riders.  We will have updated route schedules and stops available in the next week.  Please contact Will Bogdanoff with questions.


HEAD LICE (Not as scary as the title implies…)

As with every school year, these little buggers will be cropping up from time to time.  In an effort to proactively manage their inevitable appearance, we would like to share our school’s policy and provide you with some resources should you find yourself in need.

At School:

Should a confirmed case make itself known, per our school policy, we will contact the parents to take the child home and perform the recommended treatment.  Students will be allowed to return to school after we receive confirmation from a parent or guardian that treatment has been completed. Additionally if you have had a confirmed or suspected case of lice in your household, please let us know!  We will continue to notify you if/as additional cases of head lice are reported in your student’s classroom or grade level.  Further, we continuously remind kids not to share hats, sweater, hair bands, etc, but it would be helpful if you would also follow up at home.   

Some Facts:

  • Lice are insects about the size of a sesame seed; they do not jump or fly.
  • Lice live for about a month. The adult females lay up to 10 eggs (nits) per day. The nits hatch in 7-10 days, and the newborn lice (nymphs) are almost invisible. In about a week, the nymphs have matured and start laying their own eggs.
  • The eggs are yellowish white, oval shaped and appear glued to the hair shaft. The egg is actually wrapped around the shaft.
  • Symptoms are itching, red bite marks on scalp, and occasionally swollen head or neck glands.
  • They are highly communicable (catching) and are usually transmitted by head to head contact, or by contact with clothing, combs, or brushes, hats, helmets, costumes, earphones, pillows and stuffed animals.
  • There are thought to be more than 10 million cases in the U.S. every year.
  • Lice can infest anyone. In fact lice are known to prefer clean, healthy heads.
  • Lice are most common in 5-12 year olds because their play habits can lead to head to head contact, and sharing of clothing, combs and scrunchies.

Treatment and Prevention:



Please note that a student arriving 10 minutes late every morning will miss approximately 24 hours of instruction by the end of the year. That’s four whole days of school! We acknowledge mornings can be filled with obstacles, but please don’t become complacent about arriving on time. Thank you!



Just a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL September 29th – October 2nd. (2014-2015 Academic Calendar)