Update - Sage IB Pre-K Program

October, Thu 29, 2015 - Sage International

While we remain excited about expanding our IB offerings to include a Pre-K IB Program, at the October Board Meeting Sage’s administration recommended waiting until the 2017-18 school year to further pursue this opportunity.  At the start of next school year, Sage will expand into an additional 54,000 square feet at our Parkcenter Campus.  We will spread our existing Middle School into the new space and we will relocate our entire High School into this space.  We will finally have our Unified K-12 IB World School Campus.  Our entire staff will be very busy making certain this transition is as smooth as possible for our IB learners.  We will spend next year learning how to best utilize our expanded space, including focussing on how and where to best integrate a Pre-K classroom into our campus. We hope our community understands this decision and the need to hold off on this opportunity.  Thank you.