Elementary Class Lists & School-Wide Clean Up

August, Thu 07, 2014 - Sage International

ELEMENTARY CLASS LISTS are now available!


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


CLEAN UP DAY is scheduled at both campuses for Saturday, August 9th at 10am - please join us!

There is a large to do list for both locations but the chunk of the critical need is at the Parkcenter campus.  Activities range from painting, moving furniture and teachers’ boxed supplies, washing chairs, fixing table legs, and general cleaning inside and out of both buildings.  You are welcome to make it a family activity if you that suits your clan and, if you are new to Sage, this is a great way to meet other families in our community.  We appreciate everyone’s help in getting our facilities ready for the new year!  If you are able to assist please email and reference "Clean Up Day."