College Night, HS Mountain Biking & Parkcenter Pick-up

September, Fri 19, 2014 - Sage International


Preparing for College information is now available on the HS website.  If you missed the IB DP College Quest evening, need a review or are just curious for your future high school students, please take a gander.



Sage International School now has a high school mountain bike team! Although a small group of students has been biking with Sage teachers for a couple of seasons, we are about to be official with the arrival of NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) in Idaho.  Congratulations to our Sage bikers!  If anyone is interested in joining the fun, please contact Echo Savage or Tanya Rush.  Additionally, any parents involved with a business that would be interested in an advertising opportunity that has, as an added side benefit, the gratifying experience of supporting Sage students, please contact Ms. Savage or Ms. Rush about helping to sponsor the team! We'll put your logo on the back of a Sage superstar.



Yowza! We’ve seen some things this past week (close calls, speeding, jaywalking, wrong way traffic, raised voices) that give us reason to pause.  Please remember that we are all working towards the same thing – safely getting your students into your cars as efficiently as possible.  This cannot be accomplished unless we all follow the same rules and maintain a level of respect for the procedures that have been put in place.  Unfortunately not everyone can be first… 

Things to Remember:

  • Traffic only flows in one direction (South) during pick-up and drop-off.
  • When traveling South on Parkcenter (away from downtown) the 2nd driveway (right before the playfield) is exit only.
  • Please do not park in our neighbors’ lots (Spring Hill Suites, Businesses on the North side of Mallard).  They are not so excited to see you there.
  • Remember we now have permission to park (short stays only) in the Smoky Mountain parking lot during drop-off and pick-up.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phones.  We need all eyes on the kids and the staff helping to direct traffic.
  • Please remain cordial with the Sage staff directing traffic.   They are trying to help you.
  • All students are to be picked up at the south end of the sidewalk.  We’ve had several students telling us their parents have asked them to wait in front of the school.  Unfortunately when a car stops the line to load at this location, it slows down the process for everyone else.  Please update your students with this information.

Also, we recognize that if a child is jumping at your moving car, any sane person would stop.  This is as it should be to prevent an accident.  We will continue to help the kids understand how to be safe and are asking the teachers to remind students to stand away from the curb and to walk down the sidewalk until your car stops.  We would appreciate it if you would also reinforce this at home.

Finally,  thank you to everyone who continues to put their best efforts forth at the end of the day!  While it may be hard to perceive, for those of us present from beginning to end, it does continue to improve.