Upcoming Outdoor Program Excursions!

September, Fri 05, 2014 - Sage International

The Outdoor Program is in full swing!  Please peruse the below offerings and register your student(s) at either of the Downtown or Parkcenter front desks.  Some trips have a limit on the number of participants.  However, we will be keeping waiting lists as necessary.  If you have questions please contact Alex Olsen, Sage's Outdoor Program Director.

Elementary/Middle School (Grades 5 - 7)

Middle School Rafting Weekend! (Sept 11-13)  Not to be outdone by the high schoolers, the middle schoolers are going to have a great weekend going rafting in various locations in the Payette River Valley.  Over three days, we will raft the best of the Payette System, including the "Caborton" run, "Swirly Canyon,"  and the good old "Main."   We will camp at a central location and have a great time camping and soaking in hot springs!  It's going to be a great time, so come help us finish up the 2014 rafting season!  Tuition: $150

Action Friday Mountain Biking (October 10, Half-Day)  Come out with us to ride the exciting Hull's Gulch Trail in the Boise Foothills!  The best part is, you don't need to ride uphill at all, because we will drive you to the top!  The descent will be on single track trail, and you will need your own bike and helmet.  Come with us for some exciting thrills and great scenery!  Tuition: $25


High School (Grades 8-11)

High School Fish Friday with Mr. B! (Sept. 12)  Accomplished local fisherman Mr. Bogdanoff will host an exciting journey to local fishing holes for a great day of fishing and fun.  He will offer instruction on equipment, technique, and the proper method for "accurately" reporting the size and number of your catch later on.   Tuition: $40.

High School Action Friday Rafting the Main Payette!  (Sept. 19) Join us for a fun half day on the classic stretch of the Payette known locally as "The Main."  It's an excellent intro rafting course and guarantees to offer an excellent amount of swimming, splashing, and fun.  Tuition: $25

High School "Super Trip" Backpacking in Escelante/ Grand Staircase National Monument (Sept. 26-30)  People talk about "trips of a lifetime" regularly, but this one delivers.  If you have never seen the southern desert of Utah, you should definitely consider this trip, since the beauty here is absolutely stunning.  Beyond the crowds of Zion and Canyonlands, the Escelante area offers quiet, seclusion, and scenery you have to see to believe.  Tuition: $300

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