Parkcenter Pick-Up Tweaks & Reminders

August, Tue 19, 2014 - Sage International

We made it!  Thank you to everyone across all our buildings for helping to make our first day so succesful.  It was lovely to see our coummunity back together again (and at an increased size!)  Over the next couple of weeks as everyone adjusts to this year's routines we expect the end and beginning of the day to run more smoothly.  Given that, we have a few reminders and a couple of tweaks for Parkcenter:


  • PULL all the way FORWARD when dropping off and picking up.  While stopping right in front of the doors seems intuitive, we have and incredibly long sidewalk beyond the doorway that we need to utilitze to avoid backing up traffic.
  • DO NOT LOAD OR UNLOAD students if you are not next to the sidewalk.  The right lane (school side) is for loading/unloading.  the left lane (Parkcenter side) is for traveling into or out of the pick-up line.
  • The new driveway by the playfield between the Parkcenter buildings is EXIT ONLY.  Please do not try to enter here.
  • When exiting Parkcenter there is a new U-TURN LANE before the first median when traveling south (across from the big empty field).  This is the only LEGAL place to pull a U-turn.  You will be ticketed if you attempt one before entering this lane.
  • It was really helpful having READABLE PLACARDS WITH YOUR STUDENTS NAMES/GRADES in your car windows.  Thank you!  If you didn't do this yesterday, please have one today....
  • DO NOT PARK on Tyrell St (along the empty field by the little building).  This impeeds traffic flow and makes the whole process much longer. 
  • Elementary parents - please do not come too early for pick & if you do park, please remain outside of the builiding while waiting for students.
  • Middle School parents (Parkcenter) - really, really DON'T COME EARLY for 6th & 7th grade pick-up.  Those students will not be out of the building until 4:20PM


  • 5th, 4th, 3rd & 2nd grades will be shifting one position south (farther down) on the sidewalk for pick-up
  • Teachers will have placards with their names on them so they are easier to spot.
  • Older siblings (3rd - 7th) will be waiting with their younger sibling's class.  If there are more than two siblings, they will all be waiting with the youngest student.
  • 6th & 7th grade siblings will be released from their Advisory period 10 minutes early to go stand with their siblings.
  • If you have elementary and middle school students, you should arrive at 4:15pm.


Again, thank you for your patience as we smooth out the details this week.  We will continue to run the bus routes as planned for at least the first two weeks until we get a sense of both ridership and timing.  At that point, if prudent, we will make necessary route/time adjustments.  Please note that the drop-off times for the busses will be running about 15 minutes behind scheduled times. We are holding busses at the school a bit longer this week to ensure all students are on them.  If you have busing questions or need to make changes to your child(ren)'s bus schedule, please contact Will Bogdanoff.


As we improve the flow out of the Parkcenter buildling at the end of the day, the shuttle bus arrival time at downtown will also adjust closer to 4:35.  Again thank you for your patience as we work out the details.  If you need to make changes to your student's shuttle bus schedule, please fill out a new Shuttle Bus Form and return it to either front desk.