IB CP (Career Program) High School Students Seek Industry Advisors for the 2016-2017 School Year

January, Fri 29, 2016 - Sage International

Sage International is gearing up for our first class of CP (Career Program) students starting in the 2016-2017 school year.  We are very excited about the program which revolves around three components:  a career-related program, DP academic courses and CP Core.  Through the DP courses and the CP courses, students will learn more about areas in which they individually wish to to gain more knowledge as they work towards a specific career, as well as improve their language skills, reflect on ethical dilemmas, better their communication and thinking skills, and participate in a service learning project.

We have chosen to participate in a program called Individual Occupational Training (IOT).  The IOT is a career-program within the Department of Professional-Technical Education of Idaho that can be tailored to each individual students’ career interest.  A major component of IOT is ensuring that industry and business professionals have a chance to review and comment on the program, its structure and standards. Thus, we are looking for individuals within our community to participate as advisors to Sage students. 

Participating as an advisor entails meeting once during the year to review, revise and comment on the program.  Also, the IOT program ends with an internship during the students' senior year.  Advisors will have access to Sage students as interns - paid or unpaid - with a prescribed skill set matching their companies needs.

If you are interested in an advisor position, please contact Kathleen Koch, CP Coordinator, before February 5th, 2016. 

The first meeting for advisors will be held in March of 2016.  It is hoped that through our community's participation, we can create and sustain a career program that sets Sage students apart from their peers when entering the labor market. 

Thank you!