Attendance, Chess & Parkcenter Traffic (Take 3)

August, Thu 28, 2014 - Sage International

It just keeps getting better around here!  Thank you to everyone (staff, families, students) for energizing the start of this year with such joy and exuberance!  We are pleased as punch with our new larger community and excited to keep discovering what this year will bring.  Below are a few select topics with more to follow in the coming weeks.  Please continue to ask questions, and we will continue to provide answers as we are able.


Over the years we have done our best to educate our community on how our school receives funding from the State.  It seems with so much growth, we could use a brief refresher:

  • Sage receives the majority of our funding through the State Department of Education in the same manner as other public schools.
  • This funding formula is based on our Average Daily Attendance (ADA), NOT on our enrollment.
  • This means if your children are enrolled, but not in attendance, we lose a portion of our funding for the time that they are absent.
  • Every child’s absence has a direct impact on our overall funding!
  • And (hopefully it goes without saying but why risk it..) if your students are not in school, they lose valuable time in their educational environment.

By all means keep a sick child at home.  However, please plan appointments and time away from school for travel and other events wisely.

How to Report an Absence:

As you may imagine, we take attendance taking quite seriously.  You can help by notifying the correct front desk of an absence or late arriving student as soon as feasible (preferably by 8:30am).

Thank you!


We are happy to report that after two weeks of tweaks and repetition, we have cut at least 20 minutes off of the end of day procedures.  There is still room for improvement and as we get to know your vehicles and your students better, we expect to make this even more zippy in execution.  Below is a summary of adjusted procedures and a few reminders to help us all out:

  • No cell phones!  We respectfully ask that you put away your cell phone while in the pick-up line.  It is difficult for us to communicate with you and also introduces an element of unpredictability if your attention is split between driving and talking.  With so many little bodies around, why add more risk to the situation? 
  • All students 2nd – 7th have been directed to move down the sidewalk towards the basketball courts.  There is no longer a designated pick-up area in front of the school doors. 
  • Please form a single file line along the curb and move forward as directed.
  • Please stay in your car so that you may move forward as directed.
  • Students will only be allowed to enter cars at the curb.  We’ve had a few dart through traffic at a parent's beckoning to load in the outside lane, as well as several children running around cars to enter on the far side.  Please, no.  It’s a bit hair-raising to watch.  We will help get your car curbside if necessary. Please be patient.
  • Please be patient.
  • Please remember this is a small window of time in your day and we are all trying to accomplish the same thing.
  • Placards continue to be helpful (thank you!)


  • Smoky Mountain Pizza has given Sage families permission to park in their lot (short-term stays only) during morning drop-off and pick-up!
  • All of the parking spaces between the basketball court and the new building (south side) are now available.  (This does not include the far-back spaces by the brown office buildings.)


The much anticipated Sage International Chess Club will be starting up again on September 17th.  Chess Club is for K-11 students that would like to learn to play chess, and/or for chess players who already know how to play.  Each meeting will include chess instruction and casual play.  There will be two 1/2 hour lessons each meeting, one for beginners and one for more advanced players.  This semester Chess Club will meet on Wednesdays from 4:20 - 5:20 in the lunch room at the new Parkcenter location for 11 weeks. 

Gwen Hernandez  is organizing the club this year and she needs help!  Approximately 8 – 10 parent volunteers (no chess experience required) are invited to help supervise during regular meetings and at the tournaments.  If that many noble (and fearless) adults step forward, the time commitment will only be once a month for an hour apiece.  If you can help, please put “volunteer” on your child’s registration sheet and hand it in to any front desk location.  K-1 students will be walked over after school by a parent volunteer.  A transportation plan for 8th – 11th graders is currently being worked out.  Please direct questions to Gwen through email or at 866-7380.