A Message to Parents From Keith Donahue, Interim Executive Director

June, Fri 03, 2016 - Sage International

Sage Community:

Based on recent inquires and with the intent of being as transparent as possible, I am writing to provide additional clarity regarding our leadership structure for next year and to share a bit about how I intend to support our Sage community in my role as Interim Executive Director. 

Regarding Sage’s leadership structure for next year, what I am sharing today reflects the implementation of a plan Mr. Keller put into place, with board support, in March of this year.  We informed staff of our general plans at that time and, after a lot of work, we finally (happily) have our key leadership positions in place.  Sage is incredibly fortunate to have this team leading our school and Sage will be well cared for next year and into the future.  Now, for the plan.

Principal Doramus will be K-12 Principal.  Mr. Doramus served as our K-8 Principal this year so many in our community already know him.  One of the most powerful aspects of Sage is our 13-year IB scope and sequence.  Next year, we will have our entire school united on a single campus and our academic leader will have his eye on our educational programming from K-12. With these two enhancements in place, Sage will truly be a unified school – from a facility, curriculum, staffing and culture perspective.  Mr. Doramus has been preparing for his expanded role since March and will hit the ground running in August.

Principal Doramus will be the first to tell you that leading Sage’s educational programming is not a one person (or even three person) job – the K-12 Principal position only works with an excellent group of leaders and educators rounding out the team. We have been working since March to develop three School Director positions – Elementary, Middle and High.  These three Directors will have primary responsibility for the three schools, under Principal Doramus’s direction and guidance. 

At the High School level, Ms. Kali Webb has accepted the position of High School Director.  This year, Ms. Webb served as an educator, Dean of Students, and is currently managing day-to-day operations at the High School under Principal Doramus’s guidance.  Ms. Webb brings a great deal of experience to this position, not to mention her passion for Sage, our staff, and each of our students.  Ms. Webb will be supported by our Diploma Programme and Career-Related Programme IB Coordinators, by content-area Department Heads, and our high school educators.

At the Middle School level, Mr. Zach Parker has accepted the position of Middle School Director.  Mr. Parker has been with Sage for five years and has served our school in many roles extending from K-12, bringing his talent and energetic, caring, positive personality to each position.  This year, he is teaching high school classes and acting as our K-8 Dean of Students.  As Principal Doramus put it earlier this year, Zach has been his ‘right hand person’ since the moment Mr. Doramus joined the Sage team.  Mr. Parker will be supported by our Middle Years Programme IB Coordinator and our middle school educators.

At the Elementary School level, Mrs. Dani Zwolfer has accepted the position of Elementary Director.  Mrs. Zwolfer has been with Sage since we first opened our doors.  She has served our school as an elementary teacher and has served as our Primary Years Programme IB Coordinator for the past few years while also teaching fourth grade.  Mrs. Zwolfer knows our elementary school as well as, or better than, anyone else at Sage and has fostered strong relationships with her teacher peers throughout K-5th grades.  She is going to do wonderfully leading our K-5 staff and helping our ‘little people’ grow and learn.  Mrs. Zwolfer will be supported by the PYP IB Coordinator – since Mrs. Zwolfer is vacating that position as she moves into her new role, we are filling the PYP Coordinator position via an internal job posting made available to our entire staff, providing another one of our talented educators the opportunity to step into a leadership role.   

As I mentioned earlier, as a community, we are very fortunate to have this talented, dedicated and fun group of individuals leading Sage International.  For as long as I am Executive Director, I will do everything I can to serve our leadership team and our entire staff to the best of my ability. 

Now, for those who don’t know me, a bit about me.  I have been a part of Sage since before we opened our doors in 2010 when I joined the board of a soon-to-be-opened IB charter school.  Over time, I took on the role of Board President.  I then transitioned to a part time staff position to help with operations, facilities, policies, government affairs, and aspects of our budget.  This job grew to include helping with Kindergarten break each day, greeting the kids when they arrived at school, and many other duties – each of which I enjoyed.  This quickly grew into fulltime work as we embarked on purchasing the Parkcenter campus and grew from 219 K-7 students to 1,000 K-12 students.  Suffice to say, I have been watching, learning and living all things Sage for the past six years.  I bring to the table not only these experiences, but the fact that I am a Sage parent; I have a 5th and 6th grader at our school.  I also bring my background as an economist and attorney, many years working in state government, to complement everything I have learned about education and charter schools over the past six years.

As I recently shared with staff, while my position at Sage for the past couple of years has focused on buildings (and more buildings), I have always known that our community – staff, students, families – is the heart and the essence of our school. Without all of you, Sage is merely walls and a roof.  Sage is our school to nurture and sustain. I plan to do my part.  Please do your part by remaining engaged and constructive during this time of positive change.

My best,


Keith Donahue

Interim Executive Director

Sage International School of Boise