Sage 2015 ISAT Results

July, Wed 08, 2015 - Sage International

Sage is excited to share our students' summary results for the new ISAT 2.0 assessment.  The ISAT Charts show the percentage of students that are ‘Proficient’ (meeting ISAT standards) and ‘Advanced’ (exceeding ISAT standards) and compares results between Sage International School, the State of Idaho, the Boise School District, and the West Ada School District.  The results show that our students are reaching high levels of knowledge and understanding.  Congratulations to our IB learners and congratulations and thank you to our dedicated IB educators!  Our school’s success is the result of their talent and commitment in providing our students with a world-class IB education.  Individual ISAT results will be available to students and parents in August.

As more student/school achievement data becomes available, we will continue to share those results with our community.  This will include Sage’s performance on the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment).  The PISA  “is an international assessment that comparatively measures 15-year-old students’ reading, mathematics and science literacy in more than 70 countries and educational jurisdictions.” It is a measure by which we can see how well our school is preparing students for future success as compared to the best-performing schools and education systems in the world.  

We expect Sage students will consistently reach high levels of academic success as we continue to strengthen our IB curriculum, our Assessment for Learning grading model, and our professional development program for Sage staff and educators.  

Finally, stay tuned - towards the end of July we will have more information to share as we gear up for the start of the 2015/16 school year at Sage.

Enjoy the Summer!