Everything Transportation!

August, Tue 12, 2014 - Sage International

You’ve been asking for it and we are happy to deliver!  Below you will find answers to most of your questions about how to get your children to and from school.  Also aside from the below, we enthusiastically encourage you to form neighborhood bike trains or carpools, ride the city bus and even walk if possible.  Hold on tightly - here we go!

Busing Update

After many months of planning and working with Caldwell Transportation, we are ready to offer busing to/from the Parkcenter Campus.  Given budget, scheduling, and other constraints we are not able to bus the downtown location - we ask for and appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.  Caldwell Transportation has established a list of bus stops and times for Sage bus routes.  The schedule provides the currently planned times for pick-up (am) and drop-off (pm) at the given locations.  If minor scheduling revisions are required, we will post the updated schedule before the start of school.  You do not need to register to ride the bus, just arrive at your location at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.  The bus driver will handle it from there. 

Please use your discretion in establishing a safe/comfortable routine for your child(ren) in using the bus stops.   If you have questions regarding busing procedures, contact Caldwell Transportation directly at 459-6612

School Schedules

Elementary (K-5th)                             8:00am – 4:00pm  (Drop-off between 7:40am and 8am)

Middle School (6th & 7th)                   8:20am – 4:20pm  (Drop-off beginning at 8am)

MS/HS Downtown (8th – 11th)            8:00am – 4:10pm (Drop-off beginning at 7:40am)

Please note carpools including elementary & 6th/7th students may (of course) drop off starting at 7:40am

Traffic Flow - Parkcenter

Please take a moment to review the NEW traffic patterns and procedures for Parkcenter.  With so many additional families, busses (!), two buildings and different starting times, we have a lot of information to give you.  Volunteers and staff will be positioned to help you find your way, but arming yourself with knowledge and a visual guide is the best way to make sure things run efficiently and safely.  A few notes:

  • Parkcenter in front of the schools has been drastically altered.  Turning lanes have been added, left-turns going north are no longer possible, U-turn lanes have been added.  If you don’t read the plan, you will be surprised!
  • Full-day kindergarten and 1st grade pick-up and drop-off has moved to the back of the little building.
  • Traffic in front of the new building flows in only one direction – South (heading away from downtown)
  • Older siblings (2nd – 5th) will stand with their younger siblings for pick-up.
  • Please DO NOT park in the spaces on the Smoky Mountain end of the lot (see map).  They have been excellent neighbors through all of the construction process and we’d like to continue the good will.
  • FOR PICK-UP - Because we have so many new families to Sage as well as new staff, we would love it if you would place a large-print placard on your dashboard with your children’s last names and grades.  This will help us quickly identify students for loading as you approach (thank you!)

Please familiarize yourself with the map so you know where you are going.  Also, please stick to the times as outlined above.  We understand this is a lot to absorb.  This is a work in progress and we will make adjustments as necessary, but for the first few weeks, don’t forget to pack your patience…. 

Parkcenter to Downtown Afternoon Shuttle Bus

Back by popular demand!  Even though you may have heard news to the contrary, the afternoon shuttle bus between Parkcenter and Downtown will continue this year.  Please fill out the registration sheet  and return it to either Parkcenter front desk.  Because demand is high and we only have one bus available for this purpose, spaces will be granted on a first paid, first served basis.  Also, students will only be put on the bus if you have filled out a registration sheet and made pre-payment.  The shuttle bus will leave the Parkcenter Campus at approximately 4:25 and will arrive Downtown at approximately 4:35. 

Next up (later this week)... the 2014-2015 Student Body Handbook!