About: eSage Enrichment Program

ESage students have an opportunity to enhance and extend their education through tuition based programing provided by the Sage Enrichment Program.  Over the last five years the ESage program has grown with the help of teachers, staff, and community partnerships.  The growth of the ESage program is led by two guiding principles; discover curriculum that help students find their individual success, and provide enriching opportunities that benefit students beyond the regular school day.

Our summer and Friday curriculum is designed to help students retain knowledge that is typically lost over the summer months. ESage also provides students from Sage School and the broad community with opportunities for new experiences outside of the brick and mortar walls of the school. ESage supports classroom learning by collaborating with Sage’s teachers in order to provide specific student-tailored activities that build on what is being practiced during the school day. In addition, ESage works with local businesses to provide students with experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), community service, the arts and outdoor educational programs. Within all of these curricular areas, ESage teachers incorporate the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) ten attributes and hold the mission statement of both Sage International School and the IB program. 

Throughout the school year our fifth and up students take part in our Action Friday program.  Through this program student’s gain knowledge, confidence and social-emotional awareness while experiencing Idaho’s great outdoors. ESage is also in the process of creating a leadership program. This will provide our older students with the means to gain skills in communication, instruction, problem solving and public relations. 


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